Coping with insomnia

Many people who have mental health problems struggle with insomnia, which can be detrimental to their daily lives. In these cases insomnia is more mental than it is physical but there are still actions that you can take to lessen the effect of insomnia.
1. Try to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Try to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday and get around 8 hours every night.
2. Avoid caffeine and food close to your bed time.
3. Stay active during the day.
4. Try not to use your phone right before bed.
5. Try meditating before bed to try to calm yourself down.
6. Keep your bed and area near your bed clean/clear so that you don’t have anything near you that could trigger stress.
7. Limit activities in your bed. Only go there to relax and sleep so you don’t associate your bed with stress.
8. Attend a sleep clinic to get to the root of your sleep problems and potentially consult with a medical professional.
9. Go to therapy to discuss stressors in your life and how to combat them.
10. Potentially take medication (ask your doctor first though)
Insomnia results from different things for people, so the most important thing is to try different tactics to try to lessen it so you can find out what works best for you. Sleep is important don’t forget that!