Social media cleanse

From time and time again you have probably heard that social media worsens mental health and that you should avoid it when possible. I do think to an extent that this is true but, social media can also be a positive platform. With this account and the creation of my book I look to raise awareness of mental health problems and help people combat them. However, I do understand that social media is often a landscape of unrealistic expectations, since many people are only posting the best versions of themselves. If you find yourself getting sad scrolling through Instagram or answering Snapchats starts to feel like an obligation, I recommend trying to delete these apps for a while. In my personal experience just telling myself that I won’t go on the apps while they’re still downloaded on my phone isn’t enough to stop me from using them. However, if I delete them I find that it’s almost too much work to re-download them. I fully understand that this may be daunting, especially in this day and age where social media is a huge part of our daily lives. You may start to feel a little lonely or disconnected from everything. But from my own experience deleting your social media apps off your phone is only hard for the first couple of days and it gets easier as time goes on. This will allow you to reconnect with the real things in your life around you and be present in the moment. If you feel lonely you can always text someone you love; in my personal experience I’ve found that I have much better in-depth conversations on text than on Snapchat or Instagram. I encourage you all to try this if social media is getting you a little bit down.