How to write to express thoughts

Something that I do whenever I go through a period of time where everyday seems to drag on is write. I have mentioned this previously but I’d like to elaborate on how I do that so that you guys can try it too. I basically write myself a letter to my current self who is struggling from the point of view as me in a few months or years who no longer has to deal with that problem. I basically tell myself things like “everything gets better soon”, “this won’t matter in a few years”, “you deserve to do what makes you happy”, etc. This is effective because all pain is only temporary. Once I feel better about that situation I go back and reread what I wrote to fully grasp the pain that I felt. This makes me realize that I wrote that letter at a time when I felt that I would not recover from my pain but now I am able to read it months or years later to find out that I was in fact able to get through what was bothering me. Also, I have talked in previous posts about who writing is beneficial to help process your emotions and help express them in a healthy way. Bottling up your emotions makes it much harder to recover, so if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone about how you feel, writing can really serve as an outlet to get better.