Things that are difficult when you’re depressed

1. Eating on a normal schedule
2. Sleeping on a normal schedule
3. Showering
4. Combing your hair
5. Changing your clothes
6. Leaving your house
7. Getting out of bed
8. Focusing
9. Cleaning your house
10. Responding to texts or calls
11. Going out with friends or family
12. Spending lots of time watching TV or browsing on your phone
13. Communicating in social situations
14. Smiling since it’s fake
15. Driving
16. Cleaning your car
17. Planning for anything
The point of this is depression affects everything that you do. These are some of the most basic tasks that we are required to do almost daily, but those who are battling with depression struggling to even complete these. Dealing with depression is feeling like your mind is always groggy and you just feel down, making it difficult to motivate yourself to do simple things. If you find it hard to do a few of the tasks listed above or any other daily tasks, you may struggle with depression. At that point, the best thing you can do is try your best to get to the root of the problem and find someone who you trust that you can talk to.