“You’ve survived 100% of your bad days”

I just wanted to share this quote because it is one of my favorites. It is a relatively well known quote and it’s pretty basic, but this quote really speaks to me because we all have so many struggles that we have to deal with and we often forget how strong we really are. This quote is a good reminder that we have all had terrible things that we’ve had to deal with that we thought we would not get through, but we did. There is nothing that life is going to throw at you that you won’t be able to heal after. It won’t be easy, and the healing process will take time, but at one point you will be better. I like to think of negative feelings as an exponential decay. Your negative emotions will start really high but eventually they’ll get less and less and like exponential decay it may never fully go away, there will be things that will remind you of your trauma or depression, but it will be bearable. I say this as motivation for you to never give up. I have just found out that in August there have been more deaths due to suicide than due to Covid, and I wish I could have convinced those people that their suffering would lessen over time more and more. If you are struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts just please know that whatever is crushing your will to live will fade over time, and I believe that you can stay strong enough to get through that. If any of you ever just need an outlet to talk about something that is bothering you, my DMs are always open, don’t be afraid to reach out. I’m here for you <3.