Attributes of a healthy relationship

Characteristics of a healthy relationship
A lot of people have said that having an unhealthy relationship has caused or worsened mental health problems. Here are some important factors that you should recognize in a healthy relationship.
1. A good balance of time together and apart. At the end of the day you both should realize that you both have your own lives. You should definitely enjoy your time together, but you should learn to take time for yourselves too. Regardless of how much you love someone you can’t spend every second with them because that can lead to disputes. It’s good to have someone that you rely on and trust, but you should avoid having someone that you rely on for everything. The most successful relationships come when both partners can be the best versions of themselves on their own and can help build each other up when necessary.
2. Not being afraid to speak up if something is wrong. Your concerns are valid, don’t be afraid that you’re overreacting and that your partner will be mad at you. If your partner is mad at you for having a concern about your relationship then you are better off without that person, because only more issues will stem off your original issue. If you have a fundamental issue in your relationship with problem solving, it will be difficult to maintain that relationship.
3. Reassurance. The best way for your significant other to know that you care about them and you want to be in that relationship is for you to show them that you care in some way. This could be telling them you love them, giving them presents, initiating plans, etc. This varies based on the person and the relationship and how you feel most comfortable expressing your appreciation for the other person. Providing each other reassurance in some way keeps both parties healthily involved in the relationship.
Everyone deserves to feel loved. In these points I worded them mostly for a dating/marriage relationship, but these points can apply to any type of relationship