Things you need to stop apologizing for

Things you have to stop apologizing for
1. Your feelings. Never feel that you’e a burden for feeling the way you do. Everyone gets down sometimes and no one has the right to tell you you’re overreacting because no person in your life knows everything you’re going through. Your feelings are always justified and you should not have to apologize for them.
2. Your appearance. You should not feel guilty about not dressing up, wearing makeup, or your weight fluctuating. If you don’t feel like dressing up or wearing makeup because you’re feeling down on yourself, no one can put you down for that. Everyone has times when they just need to be comfortable. If your weight fluctuates because you’ve had a change in lifestyle or a change in emotions you should not have other people putting you down. Weight fluctuations are normal.
3. Needing time alone. Family and close friends might be the ones who make you feel guilty about this if anyone. They might say “if you love/care about me you would spend time with me”. However, you could love someone with all your heart and still need time by yourself to take care of yourself.
4. Asking questions. There is no question that is stupid. You should not feel guilty asking a question about something you do not understand. Anyone who judges you for this is likely insecure of their own intellectual ability.
5. Other people’s behavior. If one of your friends or family members acts out it should not be directly associated with you. You’re responsible for your own actions and you cannot control anyone else, so you should not have to apologize on behalf of anyone else.