Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others

This is something that everyone deals with to an extent. As humans, we decide somethings worth based on relativity, based on the worth of similar items, and unfortunately, we do the same for ourselves. We always find someone who is more attractive than us, smarter than us, more likable than us, and we let it eat us alive asking ourselves why we can’t be like them. However, what we forget is that every single person from every single background has issues that they struggle with, some people are just better at hiding them. Also, everyone is raised differently and is given different opportunities so naturally have different struggles. Something I’ve realized is that I disregard aspects of my life that are good and focus on the bad. Then when I see someone who doesn’t share the same struggles as me, I view them as superior to me, but don’t realize that I definitely have something that they don’t. This goes for everyone. If the problem is with confidence, the best thing that you can do is honestly fake it until you make it. Even if you don’t believe it at first, tell yourself repeatedly that you’re attractive, smart, etc, and eventually you’re brain will start to think so too. If the problem is with wanting to attain something, ask yourself what you can do to attain it and make small steps to work towards it. Finally, if your problem revolves around something you can’t control then it is not worth your time to stress about it; you should just continue to focus on the good in your life. All in all just realize that the human condition is wanting things we don’t currently have, so at no point in time will your life be perfect. All you can do is keep trying to improve yourself and be happy with what you have.