I am schizophrenia

Which voice should you listen to today

I feel like 100 different songs playing all at once

Each one with different beats

Different tempo

Different lyrics 

All playing at the highest volume

But I don’t just make your ears deceive you

What parts of your surroundings are actually there

“It’s just hallucinations” they tell you

But I make them feel so real

How can they not see what you see


Those who are schizophrenic have difficulty processing reality. This disorder can result in hallucinations, which can cause the “voices in your head” which is the most well known symptom of schizophrenia. It impairs one’s ability to think properly and make proper decisions which can make it difficult to function on the daily. For example, they may neglect self-care and find it difficult to showcase their emotions. In general, a schizophrenic may struggle with communication and may behave abnormally, such as being overly agitated or immature. Signs that someone you know may be schizophrenic include: change in dynamic in relationships, lack of motivation and performance, difficulty sleeping, and an irritable or depressed mood. 

The cause of schizophrenia is not directly known, but it can be a combination of environmental factors. Moreover, those who have experienced a traumatic event are at a higher risk of developing this disorder. [2] Schizophrenia can affect anyone, but may affect people differently based on age. For example, adults are more likely to have delusions while teenagers are more likely to have visual hallucinations. About 3.5 million people in the USA have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, making it a fairly common disorder. [3] Schizophrenia can be treated with therapy to help target triggers. Medication may also be prescribed. [4]