Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

I am OCD

Check, check, check

Even if you just checked

What’s once more going to hurt

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Clean, clean, clean

Your surroundings, yourself

I know you think everything has to be tidy at all times

You don’t want to lead a disorganized lifestyle

You don’t want to get an infection from the millions of bacteria around you

I know you think the world is a dangerous place

But not everything will kill you


OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) causes people to have the urge to do something repeatedly to feel that they are in control of their surroundings. About 500,000 children and 2.2 million adults are diagnosed with OCD in the USA. They may develop long, complex routines for simple tasks, which make it difficult to carry out day to day life. Many people with this disorder feel the need to keep everything as clean and organized as possible. They may wash their hands constantly and disinfect surfaces often. Also, OCD can be seen as a relief from anxiety since it is used as a way to take control of one’s surroundings. This disorder is difficult to live with because a great deal of stress can result without carrying out these compulsions. 

OCD can be genetic, but it can also be caused by constantly being in the presence of someone with OCD. Also, OCD may be triggered by hormonal changes. 

OCD can be treated with medication, therapy, and the use of support groups. Cognitive behavior therapy attempts to change the patterns and thoughts that may lead to compulsive behavior by exposing the person to triggers and helping them to reduce their compulsions. Anxiety tactics such as meditation can be used to calm the person down since OCD stems from anxiety. You can take care of yourself by finding other ways to channel your anxiety such as writing or drawing how you feel. Also, you can take a note of what you obsess over and eliminate the trigger before it comes up. Try to keep yourself as calm as possible and focus attention on tasks that you enjoy that will distract you from your urges. Finally, some people set aside some time during the day that is dedicated to giving into their urges. 

This scheduled time could mean deeply cleaning and organizing your house or checking anything that might be bothering you. [17]