Drug Addiction

I am drug addiction

You know you can’t live without it

That feeling where you feel like you’re on top of the world 

Your doses increase just for you to feel normal

You know that I am ruining your life

Your relationships

Your experiences

But somehow you just can’t pull yourself out of the drugs

It was supposed to just be an occasional thing

Just a quick way to enhance a party

Or a temporary fix 

It was never supposed to be like this


Currently, about 23 million Americans (11% of the population) are addicted to drugs or alcohol, but only 10% of these people receive help for it. [10] These drug addictions can range from prescribed opioids to highly illicit products. Some people take drugs as an escape from a depressing, hopeless time in their life as an escape from their problems. Other people begin taking drugs recreationally and get addicted over time. In both instances, people become reliant on the drug. It becomes so essential to their daily routine that any sort of drug withdrawals can have negative physical side effects such as body aches, migraines, and weakness. Mental side effects of drug withdrawal can include disorientation, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. At this point, it is difficult to quit drugs, but it is harmful to continue to use them. The long term effects of drug addiction can be detrimental to your life. It can be very expensive to fuel a drug addiction and behavioral changes as a result of excessive drug use can cause tensions to arise in relationships. In severe cases, people have overdosed, which can often be fatal. [11]

With proper counseling and therapy, you can put an end to drug addiction. Many people go to rehabilitation centers or join support groups to gain motivation from others to remain sober. Additionally, it is possible to receive medication to cope with withdrawal symptoms, which may make it easier to quit. If you notice that a loved one has a drug addiction, try to convince them that they can lead a better life if they’re sober and that there is help out there for them. [12]