Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


“Stop tapping your leg” 

“Why can’t you just sit still”

“Why can’t you pay attention”

Well you don’t know why you can’t sit still or pay attention

It’s just the way you are

People downplay the difficulty of living with me

Because so many people fake or exaggerate symptoms of me

Just to get their hands on a drug

That they think will enhance their performance

And for those who actually need this drug

Well those people are pressured into selling it to those who can’t get their hands on it


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) causes people to be hyperactive and make impulsive decisions. About 6.1 million people in the USA are diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their life (about 9.4% of the population). [14] Those living with ADHD talk excessively, have difficulty focusing, have difficulty sitting still, and may make impulsive decisions that could potentially be harmful or unnecessary. This disorder can make it difficult to navigate through school, work, and relationships.

The cause of ADHD is not known for sure, but scientists believe some things may worsen ADHD including excessive sugar intake, unrestricted television time, and environmental factors such as chaos. Although there isn’t a strong correlation present yet, scientists are studying how genetics, brain injury, premature birth, and alcohol/tobacco use during pregnancy may affect the risk of developing ADHD.

The best way to cope with ADHD is to stay healthy by eating healthy, taking part in physical activities, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and limiting the amount of time spent on screens. Behavioral therapy can be used along with medication, such as Adderall, to help lessen the effects of ADHD as well. [15] Many people have difficulty focusing at times which results from how they have been taking care of themselves in recent days and weeks, which causes many people to believe that they have ADHD. This need to find a quick fix to focusing problems has caused many people, especially on college campuses and in the workplace, to buy Adderall illegally thinking that it will help them focus. Adderall should not be taken without consent from a physician since it can have adverse effects such as nervousness, dizziness, vision changes, and difficulty sleeping, and it should therefore only be taken if needed. [16]